Seven ways to find joy in climate action

LinkedIn post 4 May Is there room for joy in climate action? Anxiety, anger and anguish are often dominant as people face up to the enormity and seriousness of climate change. These are powerful emotions that must be recognised, acknowledged, expressed. But as humans we also need counterbalance.
As Charly Cox and Megan Fraser of Climate Change Coaches point out in their excellent coach training programme, painful emotions like anger and grief can tell us a lot that’s positive about people’s values. Someone experiencing climate grief, for instance, is also expressing their love for what is being destroyed.
Similarly, sorrow can be an expression of lost joy. So I’ve been reflecting on seven ways we can find joy in taking action on the environment:
By connecting with others and realising we’re not alone
By helping people process deep emotions
By co-creating solutions
By discovering new ways of being
By living our values
By learning from different people across generations
By witnessing nature restore and renew itself

These anchoring moments of joy may be short-lived because of the huge task ahead. We should treasure them. They heal and sustain us. They are reminders that there is hope.

What emotions do you feel about climate change?
What moves you to action?

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