Eco-anxiety at work: What employers need to do

14 Dec 2023    By Alison Maitland

Rising anxiety about the climate and environment is affecting not only young people but workers of all ages. How should employers respond? In this report that I co-authored for The Conference Board, a business think-tank, we show how companies can begin by:

  • Finding out how prevalent eco-anxiety is in your workforce;
  • Engaging leaders across functions to provide joined-up responses;
  • Acting to mitigate climate change through organizational strategies;
  • Demonstrating evidence of pro-environmental actions;
  • Validating eco-anxiety as a healthy response to what’s happening;
  • Creating channels for employees to voice their concerns and hopes;
  • Equipping managers to have conversations with employees about eco-anxiety; and
  • Providing ways for employees to take collective environmental action.

You can download the report for free here. I welcome your feedback.

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