‘She led me into the dusty corners of my own mind and heart’

19 April 2024    By Alison Maitland

Photo by Mika Baumeister on unsplash

Coaching is a deep and personal experience, and it’s not always easy to represent its full impact in words. So it was validating to receive this client’s testimonial that articulates clearly why it is such a powerful process.

Her words capture the essence of coaching: that it is a partnership where we search for, and uncover, the answers that lie deep within you, to find clarity about how you can be the change you want to see.

“I went to Alison for guidance on how to consolidate several newly acquired skills into something beneficial that I could offer to other people. Through careful questioning and genuinely deep listening, she led me into the dusty corners of my own mind (and heart) where the answers I was looking for were waiting. Each session was led with skill and kindness that not only nurtured, but which sparked new forms of curiosity. I came away wiser. I can honestly say I felt I was in extremely good hands.”

If you’ve been coached, how has it helped you grow and make a bigger impact in your life, in your organisation, in the world? I am lucky to have amazing peer coaches who provide a supportive and stretching space to challenge my own thinking, uncover my blind spots, and strengthen my resolve for positive action.

If you haven’t yet experienced coaching, what are you longing for? What are you resisting?

No one should spend their life wondering about the difference they could make if only they had the clarity or the courage.

Thank you Tamsin Walker, environmental journalist and mindfulness teacher, for permission to share your testimonial.

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