Creating excitement about the power of inclusion at work

LinkedIn post, 27 April How do you excite people about the power and potential of inclusion at work? Using everyday analogies is helpful. In our book INdivisible, Rebekah Steele and I describe a truly inclusive work environment as being like a well-functioning traffic roundabout or intersection.

Readers have told us this captures their imagination. It’s highlighted in a new review of our book in International Coaching Psychology Review. Describing INdivisible as ‘very timely’, reviewer Claudia Day says it gives many examples that make it easier to grasp all the angles of the topic. ‘I especially like one where they invite us to see inclusion as a roundabout, where everybody pays attention to everyone else, takes turns, and is thoughtful of their actions to be successful as a whole.’
Day notes our point that inclusion requires internal and external structures and systems. For a roundabout to function well, we can’t rely only on drivers’ feelings or behaviour. We need accessible road signs, careful maintenance and driver training, underpinned by checks, rewards and penalties to ensure everyone’s safety.

Effective traffic systems are designed at the outset for all road users, with clear goals. Organisations must do the same with inclusion to achieve its full benefits.

What would you add to take this analogy further?

With thanks to Kelly Lacy from Pexels for the photo

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