Embarking on climate change coaching

LinkedIn post, 16 March 2021 What changes have you made over this past difficult year? What’s precipitated those shifts?

Last May I attended my first online coaching conference as UK ICF responded to the ‘New Reality’. I heard Charly Cox, Climate Change Coach, FRSA speak about how many of us feel powerless in the face of this existential threat, and how coaching can help people shift from fear and uncertainty to action.

It was inspiring. As a non-expert, I’ve been reflecting on what more I can do to help ensure future generations enjoy a planet that’s in balance. I’ve just embarked on Climate Change Coaches training programme to learn how to apply my coaching practices to this biggest of all challenges.

I’m curious how we can use #inclusion to advance #sustainability collectively. These are often treated separately but are interdependent. As Rebekah Steele and I say in #indivisiblebook ‘Both require global systemic change. Both also require shifts in behaviour, towards our fellow humans and towards preservation of our natural environment.’

The programme is off to an exciting start with a diverse mix of international participants, and I’m committed to courageous involvement. Hence this post.

If you’ve had time to reflect on the changes you want to see in the world, what new commitments have you made?

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