What do we need from ourselves to bring ease to others?

LinkedIn post 23 March 2021. I was sent a gift last weekend. A link to a raw but uplifting poem for our times: ‘For One Who Is Exhausted, a Blessing’ by John O’Donohue.

It describes how we can lose our sense of self and the choices we have as we travel fast through life. Although published in 2008, it seems to capture how many people are feeling right now – exhausted through overwork, lack of work, anxiety, grief.

The poet tenderly offers a path to recovery, reconnecting with ‘small miracles’ of nature, discovering space where there seems to be none.
These lines stuck with me:
‘Learn to linger around someone of ease
Who feels they have all the time in the world.’

Over the years, I’ve gained much from talking with older people who moved more slowly and had ‘more time’. How can we nurture cross-generational conversations, especially in Western societies that undervalue such connections?

Making space is also a special leadership quality. Those who possess it make you feel you’re the centre of their attention, even though their own schedule is tightly packed.

What does this poem spark in you?

What do we need from ourselves to bring ease to others?

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