Questions for DE&I leaders to put to Boards

My LinkedIn post from 12 Oct 2021

“Inclusion and sustainability are interdependent. Both require global systemic change.”

How can DEI leaders help corporate boards address these burning issues together?

Investors are increasingly focused on companies’ climate goals. This is critical. But more attention must be paid to societal alongside environmental impacts. Progress on each depends on the other.

I talked with global DEI heads at an event hosted by The Conference Board last week, suggesting conversations they could have with their boards about:

–      Being proactive in the face of investor pressure: moving beyond simply tracking diversity numbers to measuring and reporting the impact of #inclusion on business, #nature and people.

–      Gaining environmental AND diversity benefits by preserving virtual board meetings beyond the pandemic. This avoids travel emissions while enabling access to a broader mix of directors, such as those with mobility issues or caring responsibilities, or a commitment to minimise their air travel.

–      Linked to the above, exploring what voices are missing. Who’s speaking for future generations? Or for the powerless? What opportunities is the Board missing for alternative, breakthrough thinking? How could addressing these questions help directors ensure the company’s sustainable prosperity?

What questions would you add?

Opening quote from INdivisible.
Photo by USGS on Unsplash

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