How can coaching support climate action?

LinkedIn post, 1 June 2021  How can coaching support people’s actions on climate change? There are so many ways, as I’ve learned from the excellent 12-week Climate Change Coaches course I’ve just completed alongside an inspiring international cohort.

Here are six reflections from my learning:

1. Climate coaching in one form or other is becoming central to leadership coaching.

2. Climate change evokes big emotions. We can hold a safe space for clients to work through eco-anxiety, anger, grief, overwhelm and feelings of powerlessness.

3. Bringing nature into coaching – and doing coaching in nature – can connect people to their inner values and help them move into action.

4. Having meaningful conversations and including people with different views is important to enable wider systemic change. Everyone has a stake in nature, even if they’re not fully aware of it.

5. Responsibility does not rest on our shoulders alone. It is collective. Having the courage to step into action, however small, helps others take action too.

6. Self-care and compassion are crucial, both for clients and coaches.

With thanks to our fantastic course facilitators Charly Cox and Megan Fraser.

What are you experiencing about climate change right now?
What questions do you have? Feel free to contact me.

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